Diamond Dermal Infusion (DDI) is a “Results” oriented skin care treatment. Diamond-infused skin care comes from medically developed solutions that can be used more aggressively on the face and on the body. While Hydrafacial is a moisturizing facial that cleans face. DDI on lighter setting will do the same, but it utilizes very different devices. DDI has scientific studies to back up claims.

DDI has a diamond tip. HF uses a plastic tip to exfoliate.

DDI’s pneumatic vacuum glides with controlled pressure to exfoliate, while HF blast serum with a plastic slanted tip to scrapethe skin to exfoliate.

DDI can treat the lips and eyes.

DDI is the only system to clean itself out completely after every treatment with OR grade sanitation.

Depth of DDI treatment goes 30-35 microns to dermal epidermal junction.

Rapid hydration effect increased treated epidermal thickness by 70 percent with DDI.

Client Testimonials

“I was having fairly severe sensitivity on my neck after beginning use of a new skincare product and Holland recommended the Diamond Dermal Infusion with hydrating solution. It provided immediate relief to my skin irritation and definitely sped up the
healing process.” – Mandy W.

“I have tried everything from skincare laser treatments to address melasma and sun damage. Diamond Dermal Infusion is the best results by far! I love that I can custom pick my serums and add anti-aging to my treatments all at the same time as addressing my pigmentation. Diamond Dermal Infusion blows microdermabrasion away and go above just exfoliating the skin.”  – Claudia