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Beautiful woman with beauty faceUltherapy is the only non-invasive lift procedure that is proven to work and FDA approved. Ultherapy treatment is completely safe, transformative and natural. Without downtime and finished in just one session, you’ll be blown away by how easy and effective it is, noticeably lifting your eyebrows, neck and under your chin. It has also been FDA approved for chest wrinkles now for decolletage area.

How It Works

Using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy works by targeting layers of the dermis beyond the surface, stimulating collagen production and allowing the skin to naturally heal, lift and tighten itself. Because ultrasound energy is completely safe and highly controllable, we are able to bypass layers of the skin and really hone in on the certain areas that need the most attention. This is a quality that is not found in any other form of lift procedure, including lasers, radio frequencies, surgery and more.

Why It Works

The ultrasound facial therapy we use is specifically targeted to stimulate collagen growth.

A protein that is one of the most plentiful in the body, collagen is fibrous with a tensile strength that is just not seen in most other types of proteins. It is essential to connecting tissues, bone, tendons and skin, working closely with elastin to support these tissues.

Collagen, combined with elastin and keratin, is what gives youthful skin that firm, flexible glow. However, with age, your collagen levels start depleting and become less effective, limiting your skin’s firmness and leading to the wrinkles and drooping skin that we try so hard to fight.

With Ultherapy, we are able to safely and effectively stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen, so your skin begins to firm itself.

hWhat To Expect

If you have decided that Ultherapy is right for you, call us today and receive your one-on-one consultation. We will thoroughly assess your skin to see if Ultherapy treatment is right for you. We will also discuss with you what you are looking for, your concerns and any questions you may have.

Once you have booked your appointment for your treatment, you don’t need to do anything else. Just come in for your appointment!

During Ultherapy treatment, we will cleanse your skin, mark the areas that need treatment and apply the ultrasound gel to these areas. Using the treatment applicator, we are able to see deep into the layers of your dermis, applying the energy where you need it. During this process, you may feel small amounts of energy.

After the ultrasound facial, you are free to get back to your life. No downtime and no restrictions are necessary. You might experience some redness in the treated areas, but that will fade within a few hours, and you can watch as your face and neck begins to lift and firm over the next three to six months.

“I was getting married, and had a double chin! Melissa recommended Ultherapy, and what a difference. Everyone kept asking how much weight I lost (none!). My chin was more defined and sculpted. I would recommend this to anyone who has concerns around their neck/chin area. So worth it!”

–  Laura L.

Take a look at the before & after PDF of Ultherapy’s success: See Here

Ona Skincare in Belle Meade is proud to offer ultherapy at our state-of-the-art skincare salon. As we age, our collagen levels start depleting, leading to wrinkles and drooping skin. This non-invasive lift procedure is FDA approved and can be used to stimulate collagen growth to firm and plump up your skin for a more youthful look. If you think that ultherapy is right for you, contact our skincare professionals to schedule a consultation. We also offer a variety of premium skincare services including injectables, laser treatments, micro-needling, and more. If you feel this would be a wonderful gift for a friend or family member, you can purchase a gift certificate from our website as well.