Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you should stop waxing!

Too many women see waxing as strictly a summer activity, but even if you aren’t planning on donning any shorts or bikinis, you should keep waxing! Why is it so important to keep waxing all winter long? The following is a list from our Nashville waxing experts of our top 5 reasons to wax through the winter:

#1. You won’t have to reset your pain threshold. 

When it comes to waxing, the more you go, the less painful it will be. This is because regular waxing leads to hair that is much finer and softer than the hair that grows back after shaving.

#2. You won’t have to worry about shaving!

Even if you aren’t too concerned about having smooth legs during the winter, you may still find yourself shaving every once in a while. Shaving can leave you with stinging, itching, bumps and redness, so you’d be better off just waxing.

#3. The more often you wax, the less you will have to. 

When you wax regularly, the volume of your hair will eventually start to decrease over time. If you wax through the winter, you’ll have to wax less often come summer.

#4. You’ll have to reset your hair growth cycle. 

Your hair needs to be the same length in order to get the best results from waxing, but if you take a break from waxing or start shaving again, your hair growth cycle will have to reset, which can take up to 3 weeks.

#5. You’ll be more comfortable and confident!

Even if you plan on being covered up all winter long, waxing will help you to stay confident and comfortable.