No one wants to have to deal with cracked, dry skin during the winter!

During the summer and spring, your skin practically glows! Unfortunately, when winter rolls around, your skin is probably cracked and dry, but you will be glad to know that there are plenty of things you can do to keep it beautiful! Our experts have come up with this list of winter skin care tips so that you can enjoy beautiful, radiant skin all winter long:

#1. Stay hydrated

One of the biggest reasons for the “summer glow” is the increase in water intake during the summer months. Drinking lots of water is not only great for your health, it’s also great for your skin! So make it a point to drink lots of water all winter long.

#2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating removes dry skin cells and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It is important to exfoliate as a part of your regular skincare routine.

#3. Take Short Showers

There’s nothing more relaxing than a long, hot shower, but as much as we hate to say it, you should keep your showers short and the temperature a little cooler. Hot water will leach the moisture out of your hair and skin.

#4. Moisturize

Moisturising is absolutely essential in the winter, so make sure that you make it a regular part of your beauty regimen. If you use oil-controlling products in the summer, don’t forget to switch to moisturizing products in the winter!

#5. Get a Facial

Nothing will make your skin more radiant or beautiful than a facial will! Not only is the facial beneficial in itself, but it will also allow you to get expert advice from our professionals on your skincare routine.