One of the most common services that we provide at Ona are our facials. These are proactive ways to care for your skin and pamper yourself at the same time. We love the various ways that we can turn a facial into a resourceful tool for your skin. We love talking about ways that you can use these facials to receive the results that you want, as well as the up and coming trends that we’re seeing celebrities use and tips for caring for your skin as best as possible.

  1. Everything You Need To Know About A CO2 Lift

    CO2Lift is a state of the art carboxytherapy treatment that is clinically and effectively proven to lift, hydrate, & rejuvenate your skin. The CO2Lift face mask improves the quality of your skin, giving you the optimal solution in anti-aging for your face and neck, giving you a more radiant look. With the improvement of blood circulation and the efficient discharge of waste from your skin, you…Read More


    We love what we do at Ona and clients like this are the reason we do it! Our goal is to make you more confident and feel beautiful even if you struggle with acne or other skin conditions that can make you self conscious. This client had been experiencing inflammation for many years and tried countless skincare regimens and treatments in order to obtain healthier clear skin. After years of disappoi…Read More

  3. Reasons that Routine Facials are Great

    At Ona Skin Care, we believe in advanced skin care and the many benefits that it provides to the skin problems that our customers have. One of the primary services that we offer at Ona Salon is facials. This service is one that we absolutely love offering because of the variety of ingredients, quality results, and the relaxing aspect that they offer in the process of the facial. In our blog post t…Read More

  4. Why Makeup Removal is Important

    Feeling your best is something that we all understand, and what you do in order to achieve that is even more understandable. One of the things that most women do in order to feel their best is to invest in makeup that works with their skin, enhances their features and makes them feel beautiful. From eyeliner to foundation, there are so many different products that we use directly on our skin, whic…Read More

  5. What a Facial Can Do For Your Skin

    One of the most popular services that we offer here at Ona Salon is our facials. As a part of our advanced skin care and overall skin care services, we ensure that each and every facial that we offer is completed with high-quality ingredients, top of the line care and the ongoing research needed to ensure that each procedure yields the results that it is designed to. If you haven’t received a fa…Read More

  6. Caring for Your Skin After a Facial

    Getting facials is a staple of having healthy skin, and it’s easy to see the difference that it makes after you’ve had a few. While we do all the dirty work with your facials, there are some necessary steps that you need to take after having a facial in order to really reap the benefits. Make sure that the next time you get a facial, you follow it with the following. Stay Hydrated Hydration is…Read More

  7. Transitioning Your Skin Care Routine for Spring

    Skincare is a difficult task to take on, and more often than not when we take on our skin care regimen and routine, we pick the wrong products and methods and wind up doing more damage to our skin than not. For instance, did you know that every month requires a different skin routine? Because every season brings different types of weather, different routines need to be taken into consideration in …Read More

  8. Perfect Skin Care Gifts for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that means that it’s time to find the one that holds your heart, the perfect gift. While red roses and a box of chocolates do the trick most of the time, and what lady doesn’t love either of these gifts, there are plenty of gifts that you can sneak in there that allow for her to take care of her skin while being pampered in the process. Below a…Read More

  9. Successful Acne Treatments

    Acne is one of the most common skin issues we treat at Glow Skincare. We’ve researched to find the best treatments and have a wide variety of effective professional treatments and home care products. By combining professional treatments with proper home care, our acne clients have seen remarkable changes in their skin. Effective acne treatment is a partnership between the client and aesthetician…Read More

  10. Are You Making These Exfoliation Mistakes? Part 2

    If you want to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, you need to know about common exfoliation mistakes to avoid. Exfoliation is an important part of your skincare routine. It clears the pores, removes dead skin cells and smooths away fine lines, but in order to reap the benefits of exfoliation, you need to know about the common exfoliation mistakes to avoid. In our last blog, we went over a few o…Read More