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Combat hair loss with Keralase™ in Nashville. Designed to promote scalp health and hair growth, this breakthrough hair restoration system combines laser energy and a powerful hair-regrowth serum. People suffering from thinning hair or pattern baldness now have a viable option to regrow their hair. Keralase™ can even be combined with other therapies for enhanced results. There is minimal pain, no bleeding and no downtime. and no needles or shots are required.


What Is Keralase™?

Keralase logoKeralase™ utilizes two therapies in one treatment: the innovative Lutronic ULTRA™ laser and the potent KeraFactor serum. The laser creates tiny channels in the scalp, and through these microchannels, the powerful serum is absorbed deeper into the skin.

The KeraFactor serum contains proprietary bio-identical growth factors specifically formulated for hair growth. The enzymes and proteins work to revitalize the hair follicles to produce healthier, thicker hair.

Keralase promo image posterAm I a Good Candidate for Keralase™?

Are you suffering from:

  • Male or female-pattern baldness?
  • COVID-19 hair loss or thinning?
  • Thinning due to aging?
  • Thyroid imbalance?
  • Stress or other underlying condition?

Your Consultation

To determine your eligibility for Keralase™ treatments, a physical examination of your hair and scalp will be performed. We will also discuss your medical history, including any existing conditions that could affect the overall results of the treatment.

A personalized Keralase treatment plan will then be developed to address your hair loss concerns. You will be given information about the process so you can make an informed decision. You are encouraged to ask questions in order to learn as much as possible about the treatment.


At Ona Skincare

“Small, quiet, intimate, comfy and serene. I have been a client of Melissa Rhodes RN for years now. I refer all my clients and friends to her as well. She takes care of my facial Peels and everything needle. Pricing is competitive to market. Most importantly, I can trust her, she really knows what she’s doing.”– Renee B.

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The Keralase™ Treatment Session

Keralase Before and After photo in Nashville, TNThe Keralase™ session begins with the application of the non-ablative laser energy. There may be a warm, tingling sensation during the laser procedure. The KeraFactor serum is then applied to the laser-treated areas for optimal absorption. The process typically takes 20 to 30 minutes and is virtually painless.

Keralase™ Aftercare

There is no downtime or recovery period necessary after Keralase™ treatments. The treated area may feel sensitive with mild redness; this should disappear after a few hours.

The serum should be left on your scalp overnight and can be washed 18-24 hours post-treament. Avoid strenuous activities, exposing the scalp to the sun and using harsh hair products for the following few days.

How Much Does Keralase™ Cost?

The cost of Keralase™ treatment is highly dependent on the overall scalp condition and hair loss concerns of the patient and will be discussed during your consultation. The total price may be impacted by the total number of sessions required to achieve the best results.

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Improve your confidence and reverse hair loss with Keralase™ hair restoration in Nashville. Contact Ona Skincare to schedule your consultation and learn more about the benefits of this innovative, medical skincare service.