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Upneeq - Ptosis treatment

Upneeq in Nashville is the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop that has been shown to quickly raise upper eyelids in people with ptosis. Patients of any age can be affected by ptosis, which is characterized by low-lying eyelids that droop.

Upneeq Prescription Eye Drops for Ptosis Treatment

How Does Upneeq Work?

The active ingredient in this ophthalmic solution is oxymetazoline hydrochloride. Upneeq medication causes Müller’s muscle in the upper eyelid to contract, lifting the lid.

Because Upneeq activates the involuntary muscle of the eyelid, more of your iris will be visible, giving the appearance that your eyes are more open and alert.

Middle aged lady in white bathrobe checking her eyelids in the mirrorIs Upneeq Right for Me?

Upneeq is beneficial to patients who have ptosis. These individuals may face cosmetic concerns such as an asymmetrical or fatigued appearance, which can give the impression that they are older than they actually are. They may also experience problems with eyesight caused by low-lying upper lids.

What Are the Benefits of Upneeq?

In a relatively short amount of time, you should see an improvement in the position of your upper eyelids after using Upneeq. Utilizing it will result in a more alert and youthful appearance. Some patients report a lifting of their eyelids almost immediately after taking their very first dose.

Upneeq also has the capability of significantly restoring one’s upper field of vision. It is possible that you will experience improved vision on the very first day of treatment.

Upneeq Application

Upneeq email campaign poster of Ona SkincareApplying Upneeq to the eye that is affected requires only two easy measures to be taken. First, after the foil wrapping has been opened using a pair of scissors, the single-use vial will be retrieved from the package.

After that, one drop of Upneeq will be applied in each eye that has been afflicted. It is not suggested that more than one drop be placed in each eye, and patients must not use the medication more than once each day.

Take extra precautions to ensure that the pointed end of the Upneeq vial does not come into contact with your eye or any other surface. After being used, a vial should be discarded and should not be used again.

Before you put the Upneeq eye drops in your eyes, you need to be sure that your contact lenses are not in place. Additionally, after use of Upneeq, you should wait fifteen minutes before re-insertion of your contact lenses. Upneeq was designed to be taken on a daily basis.


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What Are the Expected Results?

You should begin to observe results after Upneeq application within 15 minutes, with the maximum effectiveness occurring after two hours have passed. You can anticipate that the effects will persist for a period of eight hours. It is important to keep in mind that the outcomes may differ for you based on how the product affects the muscles in your eyelids.

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If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of Upneeq in Nashville, contact Ona Skincare as soon as possible to set up an appointment for a consultation with one of our Nurse Practitioners.