Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that means that it’s time to find the one that holds your heart, the perfect gift. While red roses and a box of chocolates do the trick most of the time, and what lady doesn’t love either of these gifts, there are plenty of gifts that you can sneak in there that allow for her to take care of her skin while being pampered in the process. Below are a few gifts that you can quickly grab as a Valentine’s gift.

Bath Bombs

These are a fun little item that is easy to fall in love with. These fizzy balls are made from a variety of ingredients that make taking a bath incredibly enjoyable. From the soothing scents to the nourishing ingredients, these balls fizz out when they hit the water to create an at-home-spa for your significant other to enjoy. Grab a few different scents so that they can pick and choose which one to use. We’re sure of it though, this is a gift that’s impossible not to get excited about.

Lip Scrub

Taking care of your face is hard work, but being able to do it in a way that feels like you’re relaxing and pampering yourself is something that everyone enjoys doing. Lip scrub are one of the products that contribute to that feeling. This product is similar to the bath bombs in that it comes in plenty of forms and flavors, so you have a bit of selection when picking this out. Finding fun Valentine’s day colors is something you can use to create a feel for the gift, but this is a useful gift that provides great results.

A Gift Card to Ona

If you’re not entirely sure what it is that your lovely lady would enjoy at our skincare salon, ask us about getting a gift certificate to gift. That way, if there is a service or treatment that your lady has had lingering in the back of her mind, she can go ahead and schedule it without you having to do the dirty work and figure out what it is she’s been searching on Google. Pair it with one of the gifts above, or throw it in with that bouquet of roses, but she will be glad that she can stop in for a high quality facial or finally schedule that procedure she’s been thinking about.

Stop in and pick up a gift card or schedule a facial for your significant other, just in time for Valentine’s day. We would love to help you provide the gift of pampering to them! Stop by our location in Nashville today.