You have spent months training and the big race is finally here. You would think once you cross that finish line the hard part is over, but we all know marathon recovery can be a vital component. Inadequate post race care can prolong recovery and increase risk for long- term injuries. Below are some basic rules for post marathon recovery.

  1.    CHILL OUT

After the run your leg muscles begin the process of healing the injuries to the muscles or small tears in the muscle fibers. They are also beginning to suffer the effects of inflammation and lactic acid build up. It is a common practice to ice or cool down the muscles to reduce inflammation and promote circulation and nothing does this better than Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC).


After cooling down be sure to eat an hour or two after the race. Carbs and protein are a must to replenish after heavy physical activity. Rehydrate with electrolytes and water lost during sweating. Finally sleep is the best way to restore your muscles and joints.


After about a week it is beneficial to get back into a workout routine of cross training. Don’t jump back into long runs too soon as this can promote injuries but there’s no nee to “freeze” your routine. Continued WBC sessions can help speed up recovery and get you back to the races quicker so come chill out with us…