As a women-run business, our goal is to increase the confidence of our clients and staff. We are determined to only bring in proven treatments that have been scientifically determined to work. We also believe incorporating relaxation and a calm environment are important, along with medically effective treatments.

When the subject of vaginal rejuvenation became a hot topic in our industry we attended some informational sessions on the process so we could be informed, and realized the issues the Viveve device can help with, such as urine leakage with coughing, exercising andlaughing after childbirth as well as menopausal symptoms such as dryness, painful intercourse, and laxity effect our staff who’s ages range from 30-60. This made us realize that our clientele was probably also affected by this in some way. As we began talking to clients and friends, we soon learned that more women than we realized had symptoms the Viveve device could treat. In addition to women in menopause and peri-menopause, and those who developed symptoms after childbirth, we talked to women who developed symptoms because they loved to work out or were avid cyclists.

Melissa flew to Colorado to meet with the research team at Viveve. It is the only device that has current ongoing FDA studies and has been shown to be 95% effective with no adverse events. Like all the treatments we bring in, our first step is to treat ourselves and make sure it does what it claims. We treated some staff members and models and within a week we were getting rave reviews see below:

“I’m so excited about the improvement in dryness and discomfort after my treatment! The treatment itself only took about 30 minutes and was surprisingly comfortable. There was some minor discomfort during one of the passes, but it was over very quickly. I felt fine afterward and was free to go about my day when I left the office. I began to notice results within a week but had more results in about a month. The dryness is greatly improved which makes me more comfortable day-to-day and the improvement in my sex life is fantastic! Months later I’m still very pleased with the results.  Having it done was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”   – Helen B.

“After going through early menopause I have suffered from excessive dryness making it extremely painful to have sex. Over the past several years my husband and I have tried different things to help without success. This had begun to take a toll on our marriage. After a consultation and discussion on the vaginal rejuvenation treatment, I proceeded to have my treatment. I was very apprehensive but it was so easy. I relaxed while the procedure was performed and left without the least bit of discomfort. They answered all my questions thoroughly and explained everything during the treatment while constantly ensuring my comfort. The results have been fantastic and I couldn’t be happier (neither could my husband). I really can’t say enough about the care, respect, and kindness that I received while at Ona Skincare.”   – Traci H.