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Lutronic TotalSkin Solution has become a leading aesthetic procedure for skin treatment. It provides a skin-rejuvenation solutions for people who have noticeable signs of skin aging. Ona Skincare has become a go-to medical spa for patients looking for treatment with the TotalSkin Solution in Nashville.


What Is TotalSkin Solution?

Wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, and loose skin are just some of the many symptoms of aging that people have to deal with over time. In the past, people have had to address each individual sign of skin aging using multiple laser treatments. TotalSkin Solution is a one-stop skin treatment that saves patients time and money.

How Does TotalSkin Solution Work?

TotalSkin Solution is a combination of the two advanced cosmetic technologies: Lutronic Genius and LaseMD Ultra.

Genius uses RF (radiofrequency) microneedling technology to tighten the skin. This lays down the framework for the entire TotalSkin Solution procedure to produce optimum results to the skin.

After this, the LaseMD Ultra treatment is performed. This advanced laser technology treats superficial pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and irregular skin texture.

TotalSkin Solution

Is TotalSkin Solution Right for Me?

TotalSkin Solution is appropriate for patients of all skin types and tones. Patients who are looking to treat their signs of skin aging are ideal candidates for TotalSkin Solution.

Candidates must be healthy and have realistic expectations from the treatment. The best candidates are those who are fully committed to maintaining healthy skin after their treatment using medical grade skincare .

Your TotalSkin Solution Consultation

During your consultation, we will examine your skin imperfections and listen to your goals. We will also look over your medical records to make sure that the TotalSkin Solution treatment is safe for you. We will then create a treatment plan.

You can raise concerns at any time, and we will be happy to address them. We will provide you with preparation and aftercare directions.

Your TotalSkin Solution Session

The TotalSkin Solution treatment sessions can last around one hour depending on the treatment area. First, the patient’s skin will be cleaned. A numbing cream will be applied to make the treatment comfortable for the patient. The Genius handheld device will be passed over the target skin areas for RF microneedling, followed by the LaseMD Ultra laser treatment.

After Your TotalSkin Solution Treatment Session

The patient can go home immediately after the treatment. Although there is no need for a recovery period, the patient may experience minor discomfort, including redness on the treated area, for the first two days.

The old skin will exfoliate within three to six days, causing the patient to feel dryness and roughness like sand paper on their skin. We provide patients with aftercare instructions for optimal results.

How Much Does TotalSkin Solution Cost?

The cost of the TotalSkin Solution will depend on the size of the treatment area. The overall price will also change according to the number of treatment sessions required to achieve the desired results. We provide financing options to our clients for skincare services.

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If you are interested in the TotalSkin Solution in Nashville, contact Ona Skincare. We are looking forward to giving you the skincare solution you’ve been searching for, so contact us to schedule your consultation.

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