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CoolSculpting: Is It Right for You? Understanding Candidate Criteria

Are you frustrated with stubborn areas of fat that just won’t budge, no matter how much you diet or exercise? CoolSculpting could be the solution you’ve been looking for. At Ona Skincare, we understand the desire for a sculpted, contoured body, which is why we offer this non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment to help you achieve your […]

Revitalize Your Skin with SkinVive Skin Booster: The Ultimate Hydration Solution

Picture this: radiant, glowing, and perfectly hydrated skin that makes you look and feel younger. It’s not a dream; it’s the magic of SkinVive Skin Booster. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the incredible world of SkinVive Skin Booster, a revolutionary treatment that’s all the rage in the beauty industry. Discover how this innovative […]

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The Best Treatment for Skin Brown Spots (Melasma) – Available in Nashville

Anyone can be affected by melasma, a skin condition that results in brown or grayish spots on the face — though it’s more common in women than men. While the condition isn’t threatening to your health, it can be a frustrating cosmetic issue. The good news? Melasma is totally treatable! offers the Hollywood Laser Peel, […]

Step By Step: Getting A Viveve Treatment

Melissa Rhodes of Ona Skincare

The human vagina has the powerful capacity to retain its shape after stretching. However, certain processes such as childbirth and aging can diminish the vagina’s elasticity. As people get older, their bodies slow the production of collagen, which is an important building block for skin, muscles, bones, and blood. Lost collagen weakens the skin and muscles, […]

Winter Skin Care Tips with Melissa

The change in seasons especially into cold winter months can be particularly hard on our skin. Because of this it may be necessary to change your product regimen up a bit. Keep reading for some tips from Melissa Thal Rhodes NP-C on how to take care of your skin in the winter. Going into the […]

Teens and Skincare

We all know the teen years can be some of the best years, but also a time when hormonal changes can create new emotions as well as physical changes. One of those physical changes is often acne. For some teens, acne can be a source of embarrassment, low self-esteem, and a feeling that they don’t […]


How To Keep Your Skin Healthy Written by Melissa Rhodes NP-C Many of us now regularly wear face masks in public, following the CDC’s recommendation, in order to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19. Whether you are a health care worker wearing a medical mask on the front lines, or you wear a […]

Career Profile: Melissa Rhodes, Founder of Ona Skincare

I am always excited to share the experience and knowledge of many of my incredible friends and colleagues with you. As you may know, each of them has a unique perspective, talent and journey that led them to find success. I’d like to introduce you to Melissa Rhodes, NP-C and founder of , a boutique […]

When To Start Preventative Botox

Maybe we should start this by noting that mom is always right. Your skin’s best preparation begins BEFORE we see damage. Even if you are in your 30s, it is not too early to start learning about the benefits of Botox.  A good rule of thumb to follow is when you start to see lines sticking […]

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