We all know the teen years can be some of the best years, but also a time when hormonal changes can create new emotions as well as physical changes. One of those physical changes is often acne. For some teens, acne can be a source of embarrassment, low self-esteem, and a feeling that they don’t fit in. Even teens who have minor breakout and blackheads can lose self confidence if they’re worried about their skin’s appearance. But, the great news is that there are ways to have clearer skin!

Some simple tips and skincare products will help teens navigate through acne successfully. Acne is caused by a number of factors. Hormones, bacteria, even diet and stress levels affect it. But, more importantly, here are some ways to improve it.

Clean skin is vital. Removing oil, dirt, and bacteria will make a big difference. Skin should be cleansed morning and night. While it’s tempting to grab a drugstore or big box store product, the best way to get teen skin clean is with a medical grade skincare product for acne or oily skin. Why? Because those products are designed and researched specifically to treat certain conditions and use high quality, effective ingredients. The investment will pay off when you see changes in teen skin.

Exfoliation is key. Oil causes dead skin cells to cling to the skin and stay in pores, causing a dulling film on the skin. In the pores, oil and dead skin combine to create a breeding ground for bacteria. Using a high quality exfoliant to remove dead skin will help prevent breakout and blackheads.

Controlling oil is the most important element. Oil is inflammatory and needs to be controlled for smoother, healthier skin. A medical grade toning pad with salicylic acid, a key ingredient for controlling oil, can go a long way towards clearer skin.

These three steps above can help teens have smoother, clearer skin. Other easy tips are below.

First and foremost: Do not pick or squeeze! Let a professional do it. If you try with all you’ve got to leave it alone and can’t stop, make sure skin and hands are very clean, wrap fingers with tissue, and press very gently. Or, press with two clean Q- tips.

Your home skin care regimen is the most important element in clear skin. Let a professional get you started on the right one.

Always wash face with a medical grade cleanser morning and night. At night, wash twice to remove makeup and SPF thoroughly.

If you’re an athlete, be sure to wash your face as soon as practice or games are over. Oil, dirt, and sweat can contribute to blackheads and acne.

If you wear makeup, stay away from heavy, full coverage makeup. Instead find oil-free foundations, mineral makeups, or tinted moisturizers.

Keep hair products like shine sprays, hair sprays, etc., away from face as much as possible.

Wash face after shampoo and conditioner to remove all traces from the face. Shampoo and conditioner can cause clogged pores.

For some, dairy foods play a part. Try eliminating dairy foods for at least two weeks to see what effect it has on acne.

We’re here to help teens and adults with acneic skin. Our staff has experience with all types of acne and all skin tones. We can recommend the right medical grade skin care products for home use, as well as professional treatments for clearer skin.

Remember, controlling acne requires dedication and maintenance. Unfortunately, there’s no quick, magical cure. But, a consistent skin care regimen at home combined with professional treatments can give teens smoother, clearer, skin, and greater confidence.

“Controlling acne requires dedication and maintenance”