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Archive for June, 2016

The Pros of Waxing for Bikini Season Part 2

There’s no better time to don a bikini than in summer, and there’s no better way to prepare your bikini area than waxing! If you are feeling self-conscious about the hair poking out of your bikini, you essentially have two options to remove it: you could shave it or you could wax it. Here at […]

The Pros of Waxing for Bikini Season

Bikini season is upon us, and the best way to get prepared for it is to get waxed! Summer is finally here, and that means that it is time to pull your bikini out of storage. We all want to look our best when we are in our swimsuits, and that can be difficult to […]

The Worst Ingredients to Use in DIY Facials Part 2

Some DIY facials ingredients may do more harm than good.  Many people would rather make their own facials at home than paying for microdermabrasion or a facial in Nashville. Some DIY facials may be beneficial for your face, but there are many recipes out there that contain ingredients that can end up damaging your skin. […]

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