There’s no better time to don a bikini than in summer, and there’s no better way to prepare your bikini area than waxing!

If you are feeling self-conscious about the hair poking out of your bikini, you essentially have two options to remove it: you could shave it or you could wax it. Here at Ona Ultimate Skincare, we are proud to offer professional waxing services in Nashville, and our experts believe that, when it comes to your bikini area, nothing trumps waxing. In our last blog, we went over a few of the pros of waxing your bikini area over shaving it. Keep reading to learn more of the pros of waxing:

#4. Your hair won’t be as thick when it grows back. 

When you shave, you are essentially trimming your hair, but when you wax, you are removing the hair at the root. This means that entirely new hair needs to grow back, which also means that the hair will be thinner when it does! If you wax regularly, your hair will eventually stop growing back altogether.

#5. Waxing takes a lot less effort on your part. 

If you decide to get waxed by a professional, all that you will have to do is get yourself to the salon and follow their directions. You won’t have to worry about spending your scant amount of free time endlessly shaving. You’ll go in for your appointment, and leave with a smooth, hairless bikini area that required almost no effort on your part.

The first day of summer has officially come and gone, and if you are ready to rock your favorite bikini, schedule your waxing appointment today!