Get The Body Confidence You’ve Been Wishing For With truSculpt Flex Body Sculpting!

truSculpt Flex is the answer to non-invasive, affordable body sculpting and fat reduction without surgery. Experience a lifted appearance and toned muscles on your abdomen, thighs, butt, and arms with customized body contouring treatments that don’t hurt at all! With no downtime or recovery period, truSculpt Flex is an option for every lifestyle, any time of year. There are no implants or other artificial components, meaning the results are completely natural. Unlike plastic surgery or invasive procedures, there will be no scarring or jarring changes to your body. You can feel confident in your own skin without worrying that the results will be “too much” or “too different.”

If you would like more information about truSculpt Flex at Ona Skincare medical spa in Nashville, please contact us to get answers to any of your questions and schedule your free consultation today!

truSculpt Flex before and after
truSculpt Flex before and after abdomen

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