Eyelash extensions are not the most affordable procedure that you could have done, but the investment in the procedure definitely shows its value. Eyelash extensions offer a much fuller look than what your standard eyelashes can provide, and can even increase the dark color around your eyes so that the need for mascara lessens. At Ona, we provide professional eyelash extensions to the Nashville area, and want to make sure that you get the most out of this procedure. Here are a few tips that will help you care for your lash extensions so that they last a little bit longer.

Remove Your Makeup

Taking off your makeup at the end of the day is something that you should be doing when trying to care for your skin anyhow, but when you’re caring for lash extensions, taking off your makeup can greatly contribute to the length of time they last. Make sure that as you remove your eye makeup, you do so carefully so as to be gentle with the lashes that you’re taking this gunk off of. Also, make sure that the product that you’re using to remove the makeup with is something gentle. Products that have high chemical formulas can weaken the lashes over time.

Brush Them

Healthy hair requires brushing, and since your lashes are longer with the extensions, they’re going to need brushing too. With a spool, brush out your eyelashes every so often to make sure that they don’t wind up overlapping, crisscrossed or completely jetting off to one side or another. This keeps them from irritating your eyes and getting plucked out, but also makes sure that they are nice and defined. Make sure you’re gentle when completing this process also.

Sleep Face Up

This isn’t something that everyone is able to control, but if you are someone that can have a little more control over the way they sleep or have an idea of how to keep yourself from winding up face down, then this is a tip to take advantage of. The day that you have your eyelash extensions done, make sure not to lay face down because this could cause weird creases in the lashes or affect the way they were put in. After having them a day or two, sleeping as you normally do won’t make much of a difference.

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