When you invest time and money into getting a quality wax, the last thing that you want is irritated skin after the fact. At Ona Salon, we know that while the results you reap from waxing are great, that there is still a chance of having to deal with irritation afterward. In order to ensure that your wax goes as planned, we wanted to provide you with a few tips that will help leave your skin looking great!

Wear Something Comfy

While a good wax can really increase your confidence and have you walking out of that salon feeling incredibly sexy, comfort is actually something that you want to take into consideration while getting dressed. Now, this doesn’t mean leave that lacy pair of panties to hide in the corner of your dresser, we’re just suggesting you keep them away for this initial waxing day.

For bikini or Brazilian waxes, wear a pair of underwear that is going to be soft on your skin and can breathe easily. Usually, cotton pairs of panties are a perfect fit and give enough room for your skin to move comfortably and breathe plenty. For legs, you don’t want to wear any pants or leggings that are too tight and can rub against your skin. And if you’re going to be wearing a long sleeve shirt, then it’s probably good to have a backup just in case you’re getting your armpits, arms, chest or back waxed. All of these areas can get irritated if you’re wearing something too tight.

Exfoliate After

One of the ways to not only get the most out of your wax but to also take the best care of your skin after the fact is through exfoliation. Now, you aren’t going to want to do this the day that you get your wax and not even the day after, but if you wait until the third day to exfoliate, you’ll see that this can seriously help! Using a gentle exfoliant like sea salt or a bath scrub will help remove some of the dead skin cells that can often lead to ingrown hairs or infections. Aside from that, doing this will also help reduce the chances of your hair growing back down into your skin, and keep your skin nice and soft.

The more regularly that you do this, the better your waxes will go too. While this is an incredibly beneficial thing to do, try not to do this every single day. Doing so could lead to dryness and irritation. Stick to once a week or every couple of days for the best results.

Aloe Vera

You’d be surprised how many things aloe vera is used for, and waxing just so happens to be one of them. If you have ever felt that burning sensation after a wax, a little bit of aloe vera gel can really get the job done. Simply apply a small amount of gel to the area that you had waxed, and let the cooling sensations calm you down after that procedure.

You shouldn’t have to do this for very long, usually no longer than the first day even if you have extremely sensitive skin. Do your best to wait for a few hours after the waxing is complete. If you do this too soon, your skin might burn more simply because the pores are still open.

Stay Out of the Sun

While it may be harder to do this during the warmer seasons of summer, it is recommended that you minimize the amount of time that you spend out in the sun. Not only does a sunburn hurt much more on sensitive skin, but your skin is more likely to burn because of the lack of hair. Even when you are used to getting a wax and it is your norm, your skin can still become more susceptible to burns and sun damage.

The same tip goes for tanning rooms. If this is something that you do on the regular, do your best not to do so after you’ve just been tanning. In the case that you are trying to get the two done on the same day, consider spacing them out or at least prepare yourself for some sensitivity.

Ona Salon does everything that we can to take care of our customers. We offer a wide selection of waxes for those of you that love feeling care free while hair free. Call our office today and we can schedule a time for you to come in and take care of whichever area you’re interested in.