Managing body hair can become a tedious task. For the longest time, shaving was the only option available for removing unwanted hair. While it definitely got the job done, ingrown hairs, irritation and the rapid rate at which it grew back made it a less than desirable answer. Years down the road, waxing came into the picture providing a long-term solution for those that had some sort of tolerance to pain. Fast forward a few years more, and we are now also given the chance to choose from laser hair removal.

When it comes time to choose between a service that will help you manage your body hair, the long term results definitely become the top option, but between laser hair removal and waxing, which is the better choice?

Hair Color

One of the main things that can contribute to your choice in procedure could be as easy as the color of your hair. While technology is always improving, and lasers have been shown to reduce hair for people with lighter hair, this procedure simply works better for people that have darker hair. If you have darker hair and are looking for long term results on a part of your body, laser hair removal is a great option.

This procedure will save you money in the long run, though it may seem more expensive up front. For people with lighter hair, it usually takes more treatments to get optimal results, which can add up. Trying it and testing your results can help you determine if it’s something that you’d like to invest in long term.


Another thing that you might want to consider is whether or not you are looking for long term results or temporary results. Laser hair removal is definitely the type of procedure that you get into when you’re looking for results that will work towards a lifetime of not having to shave or manage your hair. Once this procedure has been done, your hair will still grow, but the goal is to stop the growth so that maintenance doesn’t have to be something you worry about moving forward.

If it’s an area that you don’t want to completely stop the growth of hair from happening, then waxing will be your best option.


The cost of these two procedures does vary, and while it isn’t enough to necessarily make a huge difference, the time span in which you need the procedure done can change the amount that you’re willing to spend.
Waxing is going to be the more affordable option initially. Depending on the area that you’re looking to have waxed, spending 30-75 dollars a month can be more affordable than laser treatments that cost a couple hundred a session. The thing that you need to consider here, however, is the lifetime that you’ll be investing in this service. If you get waxed every 4 weeks, as is suggested, you might be spending more in a year than you would have you invested in laser hair removal.

Pain Tolerance

Waxing isn’t nearly as painful as some people have spread around. Granted, the idea of it can definitely leave you feeling nervous to have it done, but the truth is that this procedure isn’t going to leave you to feel super uncomfortable. In the moment, especially your first time, it could be a little painful, and your skin might be sensitive after the procedure is completed.

However, once you’ve got an idea of what to expect and you’ve had the procedure completed a few times you will immediately become more accustomed to what to expect. On the other hand, laser hair removal is minimally invasive and can provide you with extremely long term results without it being so invasive or painful. If your pain tolerance is low, then it is definitely an issue worth considering when you decide which type of procedure is going to be the best fit for you.

Regardless of which procedure is the best for you, you can count on Ona to have the highest-quality services in the Nashville area. Fill out a form or contact us today and we will find a time that works with your schedule to get you taken care of.