Eyelash extensions are a great way to give your eyes a fuller, wider look. If you have short or sparse eyelashes, it’s one of the easiest procedures that you can go through to have a look that you love. While this is something that we know, there are so many rumors and concerns that people bring to our attention when they come through to have a consultation. These concerns are all entirely worth asking about, but when they aren’t an actual issue, we like to tackle it so that it doesn’t stop you from going through with a procedure that you could, and will, love.

Your Eyelashes Will Fall Out

Of course, this is a huge concern to have, especially if there’s any chance of it happening! The good news is that there is that your eyelashes will not fall out from the extension process. It is worth mentioning that your eyelashes will fall out anyways, but you don’t really realize when it happens because they’re so thin. It’s the same way that we lose hair on our head and never realize that it happens. The reason that people seem to notice eyelashes falling out when they’ve had extensions added in is because they’re paying more attention to their eyelashes. You will definitely lose maybe 10 eyelashes within the month, maybe. But you’ll have to be paying pretty serious attention to notice a full 10.

Your Eyelashes Stop Growing

This myth goes into the same box as the one that talks about shaving and how your hair grows back thicker and darker. Your hair will go back, in both of those cases. Eyelashes are no different than any other hair. The way that it works is like this; your eyelashes shed and when that happens, a new one grows into the same space to fill it. When your extensions are put on, they’ll weave through your natural lashes. When you think of it logistically, you have to know that your eyelashes are growing back, otherwise, there would be no way to continue to get eyelash extensions or have refills done.

Eyelash Extensions are Painful

If only we could count a number of times that we’ve heard this procedure is painful. This is easily one of the most common myths that makes it’s way into the head of millions of people that would love their results. This procedure is honestly one of the least invasive and painful procedures to ever exist. While we would love to push this myth onto pain tolerance levels, that’s simply not the case with this procedure, there is literally no pain.

Your Eyelashes Thin Out After Extensions

Now, this one is probably one of the funnier myths that we’ve heard. The moment that you stop using extensions, your eyelashes will definitely look thinned out, there is absolutely no doubt about that, but it’s not because they’re any thinner than they were before you had extensions. Once you get used to having extensions, it’s going to be hard to not feel like your eyelashes are thinned out. The way that we add extensions to your natural lashes makes it so that they look natural but full, just like you’ve always wanted. The minute that you take them out you’ll see a difference, and it’s definitely on the thinner side.

The myths are definitely going to float around, and we can’t sit there and stop each and every one that pops up, but we can provide you with clarity so that you feel comfortable walking into your appointment and having the procedure done. We will answer as many questions as you have, walk you through the procedure and give you a tour of the facility so that you feel comfortable when you stop in. Anything we can do to help make your first procedure as comfortable as possible is a given, and once you’ve realized how simple and pain-free the process is, the second go-around will be cake.

Eyelash extensions truly are an incredible procedure to have done and it’s one that we stand by. If you have any concerns that weren’t noted above, call our office and schedule a time where we can meet and review the process. If this procedure isn’t a good fit for you, we can definitely suggest a plan that will better suit your needs.