At Ona Skincare, we believe in advanced skin care and the many benefits that it provides to the skin problems that our customers have. One of the primary services that we offer at Ona Salon is facials. This service is one that we absolutely love offering because of the variety of ingredients, quality results, and the relaxing aspect that they offer in the process of the facial.

In our blog post today we are going to cover a few of the reasons that everyone should enjoy a facial at some point in their lives because the facials that we offer are absolutely incredible and should happen on a routine basis.

Healthy Pores

One of the parts of the skin that people are extremely self-conscious of are their pores. The reason is that it’s fairly easy to tell when pores are irritated, dirty, or are becoming a pimple. The downside to this is that because many people are conscious of their pores, they try to clean their pores on their own. Unfortunately, without the proper technique, this can actually lead to worse acne and irritation.

By seeing a professional and having them extract your pores, you can count on an all-around cleaner look and healthier looking skin which, in the long run, will leave you with fewer breakouts.


Another one of the desires with skin is a beautiful, glowing complexion. In fact, the “glow” is something that we have various customers come in and ask for. Sure this look can be achieved with the perfect combination of foundation, highlighter, and blush, but at the end of the day you wind up wiping it off and having to look at dull skin.

Rather than trying to create a complexion that you want, you can achieve this through the process of a facial. One of the things that makes the biggest difference is the method that we use to open up your pores. Between the steam that opens up your pores, the fantastic ingredients in the mask, and the gentle massaging of our team members, your skin will have that glow in no time. This process removes oil, hydrates skin and leaves it clean, which is what creates that glow in the first place.

Deep Cleaning

The difference that a good, deep cleaning can do is pretty impossible to deny. We see this when we clean our homes, our cars, our clothes, so why would our skin be any different? Most skin care products that promise a deep cleaning can definitely get the job done, to an extent. The surface level of our skin can look incredible, but what’s happening below the surface is much different. When you receive a facial, you can count on us getting deep into your pores so that we can really make sure that any clogged pores are cleared. Doing this helps keep your skin looking young, fresh and clean, which we have yet to receive complaints about.

Youthful Skin

Anti-aging products are all over the place, and there’s no doubt about it, we all cross our fingers hoping for results each and every time that we use them. While there are countless products that you could turn to, one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy and looking young is to take care of it. It may feel like additional work, but this truly is the easiest way to have skin that looks youthful, bright and healthy.

This type of care is one that will require you to wash daily, prioritize the professional care that you’re getting, make wise choices with the activities you’re doing and gain a better understanding of your skin. Little things like using sunscreen and removing makeup can make the biggest difference. The routine professional care of a facial keeps your skin looking healthy because a professional is constantly ensuring that it’s taken care of. If youthful skin is something you’d like to achieve, then facials are definitely something that you need to be looking into.

As simple as it may seem, trusting a professional to care for your skin can have some long-term results. Facials are one of the key services that we offer, but they aren’t the only advanced skin care service that we have. If you are interested in any of our other skincare services, make sure to browse the various advanced skincare procedures and treatments that we offer.

Whether you’ve already enjoyed one of the fantastic facials that we offer at Ona Skincare, or you’re just now hoping to try your first facial, we are the place to come and do it. Our team is made up of skin care professionals that can leave you feeling pampered and fresh when you leave. Contact us today and let us set up your next appointment!