What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-Needling is a quick and effective treatment that creates micro-injuries to the skin that stimulates elastin and collagen to repair and reproduce itself improving the overall appearance of your skin. These micro-injuries also create micro-channels that allow topical products to penetrate the skin more effectively.

What will Micro-Needling improve?

The beauty of this treatment is that it helps a wide range of skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, texture, pore size, small blemishes, hyper and hypo-pigmentation, scarring, and even stretch marks. Results can be seen in as little as a single treatment, but for more dramatic results series of 3-6 treatments are best.

Why at-home devices aren’t as good:

When you try doing a medical treatment like this at home, you are risking damage to the skin, infection, and causing discomfort/pain. You need to make sure you go to a provider who can completely sterilize the treatment room and device, make you comfortable with a numbing agent, and control the depth of the needles so there is no further damage done- just great results!

Ona Skincare uses the Eclipse MicroPen which is the most advanced Micro-Needling device on the market!

Is there down-time?

Unlike a deep chemical peel or ablative/resurfacing laser that can cause days of down-time, Micro-Needling is minimal. You can expect to have moderate to severe redness, warmth, and tightness immediately following the treatment, but this will subside after a couple hours and diminish within about 24 hours.

Post-treatment care TO DO:

  • Clean the area with a gentle cleanser and mild water for about 72 hours after procedure
  • Hyaluronic Acid is recommended to restore your skin as it may feel drier than normal
  • Serum antioxidants and peptides are recommended to help heal and soothe the skin, while peptides are great to continue stimulation and regeneration
  • Use a mineral broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen such as ZO Oclipse SPF 30

Post-treatment care NOT TO DO:

For the first 24 hours do NOT wear makeup, go swimming, get intentional and direct sunlight, and exercise or perform strenuous activity.

For the first 3-5 days post treatment do NOT use, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids, Retinols, Vitamin C’s, or any other “active” skincare products. Contact the professionals at Ona Skincare to learn more about micro-needling!

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