Now that summer has finally set in, it’s hard to avoid the shorts and summer dresses. They look incredible, but they look especially good when you’ve got some freshly shaved legs and pits to go with it. Since the weather is going to be warm for months to come here in Nashville, you might be wondering how in the world you’re going to keep up with this smooth look. One of the main answers that you might be considering is waxing.

This procedure is one that is easy, quick and gives you results that last much longer than shaving! At Ona Skincare, we provide high-quality waxing services for all of you looking to enjoy a hair-free summer. There are plenty of benefits to investing in a good waxing, and here are just a few that we can’t help but deny.

Lasts Longer

A shave, regardless of how good your razor is, might last a couple of days. Now, be honest with yourself. Of course, you can go longer without shaving, but that stubble will be much more noticeable when you’re out on the water or lying out by the pool. Rather than subject yourself to constant razor burn or letting it grow out to an even more noticeable length.

The average wax lasts roughly 6 weeks, and if you are still lying to yourself, it’s about time to get real. There is no way that any of you using a razor are getting a shave that lasts that long, and if you are, you need to share some of that magic with us. If you’re looking to keep an extra clean look, we could probably schedule a little before the six-week mark, though no earlier than five. It’s a must that there be some hair for the wax to pull in order for it to look good.

More Hair

We are definitely not talking about you getting more hair. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With waxing, we are able to remove the hair up until the follicle, which allows for the entire piece of hair to be removed. The difference here is that shaving simply cuts it, which is why stubble happens almost immediately after.

While it may not be obvious, the hair on your body grows with two different follicles. One of them will push through to the surface of the skin and the other will remain behind, ready to take its place when the first hair leaves. With shaving, there is no way for you to remove this second hair, so again, it grows back quickly. Invest in a service that can remove more hair for you, and leave you looking smooth, for longer.

These are only two of the reasons that waxing is such a beneficial, but there are plenty of others. When it comes to your face and the tiny hairs on it, the best way to take care of any hair on your face is going to be waxing!

Make sure to schedule your waxes with Ona Skincare in Nashville today! We offer a variety of waxing services including brows, lip and chin, and full face waxing. Make sure to call today and we can take care of you as soon as we have an opening.