In our last blog post, a few of the skin care professionals from Ona gave you some resolutions that you could make in order to obtain healthier skin. In our blog post this week, we are going to cover more advanced skin care techniques and tips that you can also incorporate into your New Year’s resolution.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of those things that was never cool when we were young, but what became even less cool as we grew up was cancer and sun spots. If you’re looking to care for your skin long term, meaning that you’d love to have healthy and clean looking skin down the road, sunscreen is a must. Even when you are thinking that you’re going to be out for only a short amount of time, putting some on your face is a great idea. There are even some products that you can check out that moisturize while protecting your sun. These are fantastic products to invest in.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

This is one of those resolutions that we’re all guilty of breaking, and it’s because it’s a hard thing to remain consistent with if you aren’t sticking to it throughout the year. While it may be a bit more difficult to remind yourself to sit down and wash your makeup brushes every once other week or so, this is one of the resolutions that you can make that will trump many of the advanced skin care techniques simply by providing your face with clean tools for applying makeup. Once you get into the groove of doing it, you’ll see just how difficult it is to put this off and let your brushes build up gunk.

As we got started writing these out we realized just how important caring for your skin is, and how many resolutions there are that could provide you with a lifetime of difference by committing to them. The skin care resolutions are going to carry on into blog posts this coming February, because we do believe that many of you could commit to them and see the benefits from such small changes. Make sure to check back soon, we can’t wait to share even more advanced skin care tips with you!