There are many things everyone needs to know before they get laser hair removal.

Many people think they understand laser hair removal, but the reality is that it can be a bit more complicated than most people think. It isn’t like shaving or getting waxed, which is why it is important to have the information you need before you schedule your appointment at our med spa in Nashville. In our last blog, we went over a few things to know before you get laser hair removal. Here are a couple more:

#4. Schedule a consultation beforehand.

Before you actually pay to have laser hair removal done, make sure that you are a good candidate for it. Typically, laser hair removal is most effective on people who have light skin and dark hair. Laser hair removal can work for people with other hair and skin colors, but it’s important to make sure that it’s the right choice for you before you jump into it, and the best way to do that is to schedule a consultation.

#5. Stay out of the sun before your appointment.

If you go into laser hair removal with a tan, it actually increases your risk of getting some side effects, including skin lightening. This is why many doctors suggest staying out of the sun four to six weeks before getting laser hair removal. You should also plan to stay out of the sun after your appointment, as your skin will be sensitive from the treatment.

Now that you have a bit more information about laser hair removal, it’s time to learn about the benefits. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about a few of the many reasons why you should look into laser hair removal.